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Keeping Patient Health Information Safe with Secure Messaging

Keeping_PHI_Safe_with_Secure_Messaging_miSecureMessages_1CallBeginning in the 1960s, pager-like systems were put to use and quickly became the industry standard for sending messages. Over the last few decades, the way hospitals communicate sensitive information has evolved, and their technology needs have changed to secure Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA rules. In light of this, hospitals are now searching for secure communication systems that are also more robust, such as miSecureMessages.

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Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Secure Messaging Platform

As more and more healthcare organizations move towards utilizing their professionals’ own personal digital devices as part of their duties, one question that healthcare administrators will have to face is how to choose the right secure messaging platform. This is no small decision: choosing an incompatible or insufficient platform can be costly, both to the organization and to the clients.

In order to help make this important decision a little easier, here are five questions for administrators to consider when selecting a secure messaging platform.

Keeping Patient Health Information Safe with miSecureMessages Fingerprint Scanning


Security breaches have been plaguing the healthcare industry for the past few years. The average HIPAA settlement fine is approximately $1.1 million and is increasing.

Using a Secure Messaging App as Part of a Disaster Recovery Plan

It might be an extreme weather event-- a hurricane, a forest fire, a tornado. Maybe it’s an act of terror, or maybe it’s a failure of aspect of the infrastructure. Regardless of the cause, a disaster situation requires a calm, premeditated recovery plan in order to minimize damage and casualties. Recent events in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Las Vegas show just how chaotic the immediate aftermath of a disaster can be and just how essential it is to have a sound recovery plan in place.

How Secure is your Information?

We live in an information-driven world: advents such as big data, cloud-based storage, and online databases allow for the gathering and storing of information to a degree unimaginable just a generation ago. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of information and data-- much of it personal-- means we also live in a world increasingly prone to violations of privacy.

Why Secure Messaging Apps Are Replacing Pagers

The pager: it is a healthcare symbol as familiar as the stethoscope draped around a doctor’s neck. Pagers have been an essential part of the doctor’s toolkit since their introduction in the 1950’s. There have been many, many technological advances in healthcare since then, but pagers have endured.

HIPAA Audits: Are You Prepared? (Part 3)

Is miSecureMessages integrated with other products?

miSecureMessages integrates with Amtelco’s call center and enterprise solutions, such as your operator console software, web directories, on-call scheduling, web scripting, MergeComm middleware, and Red Alert mass notifications.

 How can miSecureMessages help my organization?

In addition to encryption, using miSecureMessages also: