The Art and Science of Saving Communication Time in Patient Transportation at Capital Health

Hospitals are all about moving patients or medical equipment from place to place. It may be from the operating room to a room or from a room to a test. The key is making the movement smooth and timely.

At Capital Health, we use Porters, and up until a short time ago, Porters with pagers; numeric pagers to be exact. This meant that each time a Porter was needed, someone had to call the Porter dispatch office; wait to speak to a dispatcher; who then had to record the information, hang up from that call and call the paging system; enter the pager number for the Porter, and the call back number of the office; wait for the Porter to find a telephone and call the office back. The Porter was then given the information, and had to write it down. All of this before the Porter could even start the process. During the busiest times of the day, when every minute delay slows things for the next patient, and the next, it might take the dispatcher fifteen to twenty minutes to have enough free time to page out all the calls they had taken.

Recently, the Porters switched to Smart devices and started using miSecureMessages. Now a Porter request is entered online, and immediately sent to the smart device. Everything is tracked, time stamped and efficient. The fifteen to twenty minutes that were wasted before, are now when the actual work is being done.

miSecureMessages secure text messaging

Betty Bouchie Oxner has recently retired as Senior Systems Analyst from the Voice Services and Information Technology Department at Capital Health.

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