Become a Certified Partner and Offer Secure Messaging to Your Clients

When you join the miSecureMessages Certified Partner Program, you receive a set of core benefits that can help your business become more profitable, better serve clients, and build connections to reach your full business potential. You’ll have the ability to stay in touch and provide federally-mandated HIPAA compliant messaging.

Differentiate yourself from the competition!

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Some of the high-value benefits of being a miSecureMessages Certified Partner include:

  • Discounted per-device monthly rates that will give your company a better profit opportunity on each miSecureMessages user that you sign up
  • Marketing materials that you can brand with your company logo including a sales call script, brochure, e-mail text, PowerPoint presentations, demo movie, YouTube movies, and user guides
  • Access to tier-one support
  • A “miSecureMessages Certified Partner” logo that you can use on printed materials or on your website
  • Your company promoted on the miSecureMessages Website with your logo and link (free!)

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