A hand holds a cell phone with the miSecureMessages app installed on it.

Benefits of Upgrading Your miSecureMessages App from v6.6 to v6.7

Are you still using the 6.6 version of miSecureMessages? Did you know it’s free to upgrade to the current 6.7 version? There are many useful features in v6.7 that aren’t available in v6.6. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when upgrading to v6.7:

  • Set up critical alerts that can override the “do not disturb” and “silent” settings on your devices. Our critical alerts are immediate because we use push technology – not polling.
  • SMS escalation (requires an SMS account with a 3rd party vendor, such as Infinite Convergence). Create SMS follow-up alerts to be sent when a message you send hasn’t been read within a certain amount of time. (Example: “We attempted to send you a message via miSecureMessages but you haven’t read it yet. Please contact us at X for more information.”)
  • Security option enhancements.
  • Send more types of messages and manage the replies. Group messages can be set to reply to all, reply to sender, or no reply so you don’t receive responses.
  • Customize admin-level and personal quick phrases for one-touch replies. This is especially useful on smartwatches.
  • Designate a different alert sound for high priority messages. miSecureMessages uses its own unique sound library so you know when a sound notification comes from the app.
  • Create custom away messages for the “Off” setting with start and end date/time options.
  • Unlimited device menu links that give users the ability to use other 1Call products, such as miTeamWeb, within the miSecureMessages app. These modules work seamlessly together so it feels as though you are using just the one app.

The next version of miSecureMessages is being released in Spring 2021. Upgrading now to v6.7 will make it easier to update to v6.8. Contact us if you have any questions about upgrading your version of miSecureMessages.