Bringing Care Teams Together - miSecureMessages

Bringing Care Teams Together with miSecureMessages

Patients often have a whole team of medical professionals treating them. The Institute of Medicine found that each year the average elderly patient sees 7 physicians (5 specialists and 2 primary care physicians) across 4 different practices.

Professionals such as nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, and specialists work to ensure each patient has the best care, however, healthcare providers aren’t always able to effectively and securely communicate with each other about their patient needs.

Improve Communication. Improve Patient Satisfaction.

HIPAA-compliant miSecureMessages is the perfect tool to help staff at hospitals and clinics stay connected and deliver the best patient experience possible.

Using miSecureMessages, you can quickly:

  • Type or speak your response (it’s converted to text for you)
  • Send a Canned Response with a single touch
  • Share photo, video, and/or audio attachments

You can reply to:

  • The entire group
  • The person who sent the message
  • Someone else in the conversation