Do More with miSecureMessages’ HIPAA-Compliant Sharing Capabilities

HIPAA Compliant File Sharing - miSecureMessages

Technology and worldwide accessibility to the internet has made sharing information incredibly easy and efficient. By 2020 an expected 2.95 billion people will be using social networks. Our society today loves to communicate information via text, photo, audio, and video content.

Mobile Healthcare

The medical world is also using these newer communication tools to enhance patient care. Today's healthcare environment is complex, fast paced, and mobile. It can be life-saving when healthcare professionals share and consult on a patient’s medical photo or video.

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Texting and File Sharing

Hospital staff shouldn’t use consumer apps to send messages about patients. Regular SMS or text messages are stored on mobile devices and can be viewed by a third party. miSecureMessages is a HIPAA-compliant messaging app that enables clinical staff to send texts, photos, videos, audio, has a voice-to-text mode (users can speak a message into their device and it automatically converts into text), and the following safety features:

•    Fingerprint Access Technology
•    Message Encrypting
•    Securely Stores PHI
•    Unique Passcodes
•    Remote Disabling                 

miSecureMessages at HIMSS18

Stop by the miSecureMessages booth 7308 and talk with a representative about how secure texting can improve your clinical communications and help keep your patients’ health data safe. Visit to learn more and try miSecureMessages for free!