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Featured Reseller: P.A.G.E. (Physicians Answering Group Exchange)


P.A.G.E., or Physicians Answering Group Exchange, is a 24/7/365 medical answering service (MAS) that was founded in 2002. P.A.G.E. provides various communication services for hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare-related fields or practices. 

A couple of years ago, P.A.G.E. decided to start looking for a new secure messaging application, as they lost many customers due to the poorly designed messaging application they were using. 

After reviewing different products, they chose miSecureMessages since it integrates easily with Amtelco’s answering service software. They found that other vendors didn’t offer the all-in-one complete solution that they were looking for. 

One challenge P.A.G.E. encountered when deciding to make the switch was convincing their clients that miSecureMessages would be a more reliable app than what they were using. Their previous vendor’s secure messaging app was always down and their clients believed it was P.A.G.E.’s fault. They continuously communicated that the issue was with the vendor, and not them. They decided then that switching to a more reliable vendor was the best way to move forward. 

P.A.G.E. currently has 100 miSecureMessages users with 600 more users they plan to move over to the new app in the months to come. Chris Tucker, CEO, indicated that they have had zero problems since switching to miSecureMessages and the app is so easy to use. They love the critical alerts feature so that when doctors have their phones on silent at night, they can still reach them.

They abruptly decided to go ahead and upgrade their system to Genesis earlier than planned after their previous vendor’s system crashed. “Genesis is so easy to use and does not require much training. Amtelco provided excellent training to get us up and running and their project management is amazing,” Tucker stated.

When asked what Tucker would advise others considering making the move to miSecureMessages he replied, “Talk to other owners and NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Owners) members. miSecureMessages is a fantastic application. Lots of time and resources were put into its development, testing, and updates. It just makes sense to use it with Amtelco’s platform and integrations.”