Google Removing Basic Authentication on May 30th

Google Removing Basic Authentication on May 30th

Google announced it will be making a change to the allowed methods of e-mail authentication on May 30th, 2022. This change removes basic authentication, which is the use of a simple user name and password, to log into Gmail services. You can read Google’s announcement here:

This change could impact some Amtelco/1Call applications if customers use Gmail to send or receive e-mail messages. Because many Amtelco/1Call applications use basic authentication, a change needs to be made to your Google account and to each of the Amtelco applications that you use for email. A 16-character App Password will need to be generated and then used to replace the e-mail password that is configured within the e-mail settings for the Amtelco/1Call software.

Google’s instructions for creating and using App Passwords can be accessed through this

The following Amtelco/1Call applications may need to be configured to use an App Password to send
e-mail to Gmail accounts:

  • Billing Link
  • eResponse
  • eVoicelink
  • Intelligent Series
  • MDR Capture
  • MDR Service Controller
  • miSecureMessages
  • Network Archiver
  • Printer Capture
  • Red Alert
  • Unified Reports
  • Voice Logger

Please note that the App Password will need to be updated any time that your Gmail password is changed.

A detailed customer-only webinar was presented on May 5, 2022. Customers may access a recording of the webinar and step-by-step guide via our TechHelper website:

Amtelco/1Call will be updating our newest applications to allow OAuth authentication for additional email security in future versions of the software. Customers can watch for information in our Amtelco Insider e-newsletter for notification of product updates as they are released.