Migrating miSecureMessages to a New Device

Got a New Phone? Or a New Tablet?

Got a New Phone? Or a New Tablet?

Here’s How to Migrate miSecureMessages to Your New Device!

When you start using a new device, there are a few easy steps to follow to continue using miSecureMessages.

  1. Contact Your miSecureMessages Provider. You will need your miSecureMessages Account ID (License Key), and your provider will also need to update your device information in the system.
  2. Delete the miSecureMessages App from your new device. If miSecureMessages was transferred from your previous device, you will need to delete it. (Skip this step if the App was not transferred from your old device to your new one.)
  3. Install miSecureMessages – On your new device, go to the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play (Android) and download miSecureMessages.
  4. Open miSecureMessages – When you open miSecureMessages on your new device, you may first be prompted to Allow Notifications, and set your Storage Options for the optional Attachments feature.
  5. Enter your Account ID (License Key), then enter the same Username and Password given to you by your miSecureMessages provider.

If you’re not able to log in, contact your miSecureMessages provider to confirm your information is correct.  This may be your answering service or call center, or your main point of contact within your organization for miSecureMessages.

Step-by-Step Videos to Help You

A series of Instructional videos is available to help you with these steps. There are movies for both Android and Apple.

Click here to see the Android and Apple iOS Movies!

Please note that we continue to add and update the Instructional Videos, so check back often!