HIPAA Audits: Are You Prepared? (Part 3)

HIPAA Audit - miSecureMessages

Is miSecureMessages integrated with other products?

miSecureMessages integrates with Amtelco’s call center and enterprise solutions, such as your operator console software, web directories, on-call scheduling, web scripting, MergeComm middleware, and Red Alert mass notifications.

 How can miSecureMessages help my organization?

In addition to encryption, using miSecureMessages also:

  • Provides quiet communications – reduce the number of overhead pages to minimize noise levels
  • Increases efficiency – save countless hours per day for you and your medical end-users
  • Offers immediate communications – instantly see that your message recipients have received and read your message
  • Saves time for agents – a message can be automatically closed/delivered based on the status, such as after recipients read it (with e-mail, paging, and SMS text messaging, your agents may need to call a recipient to ensure that a message has been received and read)
  • Escalates a message when needed – if recipients don’t read their messages within a specified time, it can automatically be escalated
  • Keeps agents informed – responses can be automatically popped to your agents
  • Logs complete message histories – every step of the miSecureMessages event history is saved for complete reporting

 Is miSecureMessages easy to use?

App users like using miSecureMessages because it is so fast. miSecureMessages also:

  • Behaves like the devices’ native text messaging apps
  • Allows users to add their contact photo and phone number for their colleagues
  • Includes message event tracking within the app, with timestamps showing when the messages have been delivered, read, completed, and deleted
  • Has some added optional features, such as status, and on-call, which allows users to see their schedule, and send messages directly to those currently on call

 Is there ongoing development?

Amtelco schedules feature-filled releases throughout the year, based on requests by miSecureMessages customers and partners. Customers continually find more ways miSecureMessages helps them save time, save labor costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

 How can I get started?

There never has been a more critical time for healthcare organizations and their business associates to ensure that their communications are protected. We look forward to showing you all the features of miSecureMessages, and why it is the best choice for your organization. Contact us today so we can discuss your specific needs!

Colleen Curtin is a product manager for the 1Call healthcare division of Amtelco, a trusted developer and supplier of call center and communications solutions for 40 years located in McFarland, Wisconsin. Contact her by e-mail at ccurtin@amtelco.com (link sends e-mail).