A doctor uses the miSecureMessages app on his mobile phone to send a smart page.

How miSecureMessages Helps with Smart Paging

Our miSecureMessages app seamlessly works with 1Call’s Intelligent Series (IS) Smart Paging feature to provide status-based messaging. It enables callers to initiate sending a message to a contact in 1Call's IS Directory based on the contact’s current status and contact order. 

Messages can be sent using any of the available IS Contact Methods including e-mail, TAP (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol) paging, SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol) paging,  WCTP (Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol) paging, SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging, and miSecureMessages secure messaging.

How Does Smart Paging Work?

To use, physicians and staff members typically call the Smart Paging extension and enter the identification number for the person they are trying to reach. Smart Paging instantly locates the requested person in the 1Call Directory, which includes that individual’s current Status, such as In Office, Making Rounds, Out of Office, or On-Call.

Smart Paging announces the individual’s name and Status to the caller, and prompts the caller to enter a callback number or message. Smart Paging then sends the message using that individual’s preferred contact method.

Contacts can update their availability status by calling the automated Smart Paging Checkin Line, speaking to an operator, accessing miTeamWeb or the IS Web, or by using the status option within the miSecureMessages app on their smartphones.

Smart Paging Report

Healthcare organizations use reports and analytics to leverage the data to assist with improving service metrics and workflows, and to help protect both patients and hospitals in litigious situations. The Smart Paging Report function provides useful information such as the number of pages, detailed logs that indicate if each page attempt was successful or not, and counts for e-mail messages, SMS messages, miSecureMessages, and the various types of paging.

What is the Intelligence Series?

This is 1Call’s automated call distribution and unified messaging product line that includes a flexible Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based telephony switch with intelligent call routing, switch-based configurable call control, and 1Call’s multi-lingual voice processing resources.

The platform incorporates:

  • Database – A small, file-based SQLite database to store system configuration and port assignment information, system and client settings and user access settings.
  • Text-To-Speech Engine – The text-to-speech engine is specifically tuned for use in telephony systems, and provides clearer sound processing optimized for telephony equipment use.
  • Optional Pre-Recorded Names Database – Optional database of more than 16,000 pre-recorded names developed by 1Call for use with text-to-speech generated greetings and prompts. Using pre-recorded names ensures the smooth flow of prompts and messages in just one voice and eliminates the need to spend time recording individual names.

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