miSecureMessages® App Updates Focus on User Friendliness

These updates streamline the user interface, offering more convenient features, and providing access to more device settings. The new enhancements include:
Contact Circles
Contact Circles help organize contacts into categories, such as departments and physician groups. For users, this speeds the process of quickly contacting the correct people.

Group Messaging
Users can send messages to multiple individuals simultaneously, including sending to a Contact Circle. Individual recipients can be added or removed from the list.

Custom Alerts
Users can choose from a variety of sound options, including “silent,” giving them the ability to quickly change their current sound.

Notification Interval
Users can set the length of time between notification alerts. Users can set long Notification Intervals when in meetings, for example, and shorter intervals when done.

AMTELCO’s Vice President of Research and Development, Kevin Beale stated, “Our development team continues to focus on the usability of the miSecureMessages Apps, continually adding features. These App enhancements prioritize critical settings, minimizing the interaction time, and allowing them to get back to their other priorities while miSecureMessages alerts them when needed.”

For more information, contact 1Call at (800)225-6035, visit www.misecuremessages.com, or e-mail info@1call.com.


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