miSecureMessages™ Adds New, Enhanced Reporting Features

miSecureMessages™ sends encrypted messages to smartphones and mobile devices, and allows for secure two-way communications, making it vital for maintaining Protected Health Information (PHI). miSecureMessages saves critical time for clinicians and patients, helping organizations ensure they meet HIPAA and HITECH regulations, while also providing better patient care. miSecureMessages is ideal for replacing pagers, with apps available for Android™ and iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod Touch® to provide secure, two-way messaging.

miSecureMessages keeps track of each message sent, including messages sent from operators, as well as messages sent from device to device. The complete audit trial included with miSecureMessages shows the message, when it was sent, when the message was read, what the reply was, and when the reply was sent. This information gives healthcare organizations complete and detailed records for maintaining historical accuracy. The miSecureMessages Reports are accessible only by an Administrator, and can now be exported to Microsoft® Excel® or to Adobe® PDF formats.

AMTELCO President Tom Curtin said, “Keeping detailed records is a necessity for any healthcare organization. miSecureMessages helps clinicians communicate more efficiently, and also ensures that healthcare organizations have the vital audit trials they need to protect their clinicians and their healthcare organizations.”

For more information, contact 1Call at (800)225-6035, visit www.misecuremessages.com, or e-mail info@1call.com.


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