miSecureMessages Android™ and Apple® Apps Add Enhanced Features

The 1Call Division of AMTELCO is pleased to announce that powerful new features are now available for the Android™ and Apple® miSecureMessages Apps. miSecureMessages is a secure, two-way instant smartphone and tablet messaging App that uses encryption to keep communications private.

The Android release includes new graphical “talk bubbles” on the message view screen, and extra Help on the set-up screens. The set-up screen now limits phone numbers to English letters and numbers, and to further enhance security, the license key is masked.

New features in the Apple release include a new numeric passcode entry, extra Help on the set-up screens, and time zone support. The set-up screen now limits phone numbers to alphanumeric characters, and the license key is now masked. A new Refresh capability is now available on the Inbox and Contacts screens, and new Notification Pokes provide unobtrusive reminders of new messages.

AMTELCO President Tom Curtin said, “These new features give miSecureMessages users even more control and flexibility to manage their important messages. We’re very excited about these new updates now available for our many miSecureMessages users!”

For more information on the latest miSecureMessages Applications, contact 1Call at
(800)225-6035, e-mail info@misecuremessages.com, or visit www.misecuremessages.com.


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