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Call Center Sales Pro (CCSP) is a medical based answering service located just outside of Knoxville, TN, Redding, CA and Toledo, OH. While they have a blended customer base, more than 75% of their revenue is medical based with approximately 400+ single and multi-physician practices and hospitals.  In addition, they have several large medical focused businesses who rely on them to perform their daily call and order processing and to be a seamless extension of their internal teams, focusing heavily on communication.

A key service that CCSP provides their customers to allow for this seamless  transition in communication is Amtelco’s miSecureMessaging app.  With the use of this app they provide their customers text messaging in a HIPAA compliant environment. miSecureMessages allows them to successfully communicate within their team and their customers’ teams, send attachments to their team members such as x-rays, MRI scans etc., as well as allow them to communicate amongst themselves, all while protecting their PHI.

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CCSP requires all newly implemented customers that they communicate via text with to utilize the miSecureMessages app. Their customers have loved the ease of the app and the ability to go to their on-call schedule via their online web portal. Not only is communication better with their customers, but their customers see a 10-15% average reduction in their monthly usage, thus realizing the additional benefit of cost savings.
CCSP highly recommends Amtelco’s miSecureMessages app in anyone’s business!