Software Update

New miSecureMessages Features Available with Server Version 6.6

McFarland, WI – Amtelco’s 1Call Division is pleased to announce the new miSecureMessages Server Version 6.6, with significant enhancements for both users and administrators.

User Features

  • Registration via E-mail – App users can now register their miSecureMessages app using a link sent in an e-mail by their Administrator
  • Fingerprint Scanning – Users can now get quickly logged into miSecureMessages using their fingerprint
  • Reset Password and Passcode links – The miSecureMessages App now includes “Forgot Password” and “Forgot Passcode” links, which sends users an e-mail so they can reset their Passwords and Passcodes
  • Personal Circles – Users can now create their own Personal Circle contacts, allowing them to communicate with their select group of colleagues more quickly
  • Improved Performance – users will notice both speed and performance improvements

Administrative Features

  • Importing Contacts – Administrators can now import user names, display names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers to quickly create miSecureMessages Contacts
  • Password and Passcode Expiration – Administrators can now set expiration timeframes for both passwords and passcodes, requiring users to update these to enhance security
  • Additional “Per-Group” Settings – several of the miSecureMessages System Settings are now configurable on a Per-Group basis, including allowing device-to-device messaging, registration type, default notification attempts and intervals, and IS Web settings, allowing more flexibility in creating groups with different settings

Amtelco Vice President of Research and Development, Kevin Beale, stated, “With our ongoing commitment to secure healthcare communications, our miSecureMessages Development team continues to add significant enhancements that make the App easier to use, while also strengthening the built-in security of miSecureMessages.”

For more information, contact 1Call at 800.225.6035, visit, or e‑mail (link sends e-mail).