New miSecureMessages Version to Add Major Enhancements

AMTELCO’s miSecureMessages solution offers secure two-way smart device and secure Web messaging, saving critical time and encrypting messages to meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements. miSecureMessages uses the widespread availability and convenience of smart devices and Internet access, and adds encryption to keep communications private. AMTELCO is pleased to announce the release of the new miSecureMessages Server version 6.3, which adds several key features for miSecureMessages administrators and users. Enhancements included in the miSecureMessages Server version 6.3 include:*


  • Multiple Devices – Users can now have the miSecureMessages App on an Android™ phone and an iPad®, for example, with their messages and notifications synchronized on both devices.
  • Multiple License Keys – App users can register multiple license keys on a single device. This makes it possible for miSecureMessages users to send and receive messages using several different miSecureMessages providers, such as one miSecureMessages license from a healthcare organization, and another from an answering service for after-hours calls.
  • User-based Messaging – When sending a message to a user that has multiple devices, the message is automatically sent to all the devices associated with that user.
  • Security – A number of security features have been enhanced, including Passcode and Password complexity, which allows administrators to set a minimum length, along with options to require an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a special character. Administrators can also set the number of retries until lockout, adjust the session time-out, and can require administration authentication for users to self-register their devices.
  • Ease of use – Several administrator functions have been streamlined, including simplified Circles administration, and easier License management, allowing administrators to easily set up and maintain the total number of licenses, and licensed devices per group license.
  • New miSecureMessages Desktop Contact Web – Users can now access their messages via a secure Web connection. Users can see all of their messages, reply to messages, and send new messages via the Web. Desktop Contact Web users can be set up for Web-only access, or they can also have the miSecureMessages App on their device(s).
  • Easier miSecureMessages App Registration – The process for registering the miSecureMessages App has been streamlined and simplified, making it even easier for users to start sending and receiving secure messages.
  • Faster Communication – The updated miSecureMessages Server makes it possible for the Apps to perform even faster. This is especially useful when a user is in a location with lower connectivity.


AMTELCO President, Tom Curtin stated, “This new release for the miSecureMessages Server is another huge step forward for all of our miSecureMessages customers, partners, and end users. We have a dedicated staff of developers that is constantly adding new features to enhance security, while also making it easier for users to send and receive messages, all while ensuring their communications are protected. We are always working to expand the reach of miSecureMessages, with several new platforms right around the corner!” *To take advantage of the new miSecureMessages enhancements, the users’ devices need to be on Android™ miSecureMessages App version 4.0.2, or Apple® miSecureMessages App version 4.0.3. In addition, the miSecureMessages provider’s server needs to be on the new Server version 6.3. miSecureMessages App users should contact their miSecureMessages provider or administrator to find out when these new features will be available. For more information on AMTELCO’s miSecureMessages Apps and the new miSecureMessages Server version 6.3, contact AMTELCO at (800)356-9148, e-mail, or visit

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