Secure messaging for business

Secure Messaging: It’s Not Just for Healthcare

The importance of secure messaging in the business world

Many people understand the importance of using a secure messaging solution in the healthcare industry. By replacing the traditional pager with a secure messaging app, doctors and nurses can remain HIPAA compliant, ensure the patient’s PHI is secure, and increase overall efficiency. But there are other industries where secure and encrypted communications are vital to the performance of the company and the safety of sensitive information. 

According to data from Statista, the United States saw 1,473 data breaches in 2019 and had more than 164.68 million exposed records. Furthermore, the average cost of lost business in 2019 was $1.42 million. Data breaches relating to sensitive information passed through communication can be entirely avoided with the right tools. 

This month, we’re addressing the importance of using a secure messaging app within industries that deal with sensitive information, such as government, law, and banking, and how these apps keep your data secure.  

How Do These Apps Work?

To start off, we’ll answer how secure messaging apps, like miSecureMessages, protect data. Most modern secure messaging apps use end-to-end encryption, which is known to be the most secure way to communicate privately and securely online. Generally, to be end-to-end encrypted, you and the person you’re communicating with need to use the same communication system, which makes secure messaging apps great for use in teams. 

End-to-end encryption is a system of communication where only the user and the intended recipient can read the messages. Conversely, when you send a text message on your regular, non-secure device, your message is processed and stored by your and the recipient’s mobile service provider. Often, the mobile service providers may keep the message even after both the sender and recipient have deleted it.

Though there are several secure messaging apps available, not all include the same security features. For example, any messages that are sent or received on a device using the miSecureMessages secure messaging app are not stored on the device to ensure security. If your device is lost or stolen, the app can be remotely disabled so the device can no longer access miSecureMessages information. And, if the device is recovered, the app can be reactivated without the risk of losing messages. When choosing to work with a secure messaging app, be sure to research its capabilities and safety features to ensure it meets your company’s requirements. 

Secure Messaging in the Business World

There’s no denying that technology has made day-to-day living easier, especially in the business world. Those working in industries that deal with sensitive information, such as law, government, banking, mortgage lenders, credit card processors, and financial services, shouldn’t have to compromise the use of technology to secure their client’s sensitive information. Plus, if you work in a team, large or small, using a secure messaging app can be useful to communicate sensitive information quickly, efficiently, and securely. 

Some ways in which a secure messaging app can be useful for teams in these industries include: 

  1. Communicate Sensitive Information Quickly 
    Secure messaging apps provide the opportunity for sensitive information to be sent quickly and efficiently to either a single person or in a group message. For example, a mortgage lender may need to communicate a buyer’s personal and sensitive information to his or her team, such as the buyer’s social security number, email address, date of birth, or home address. Or, a lawyer may need to communicate details of a client’s case to his or her team.

  2. Know the Message has Been Sent and Received with Timestamps
    If you’re sending information that needs a delivery confirmation or is time-sensitive, you can rest easy knowing your message has been delivered, read, and completed with timestamps. 

  3. Reduce Response Times
    Secure messaging apps are perfectly suited to a fast-paced environment where messages are instantly sent and received for fast response times. Some apps, including miSecureMessages, include notifications such as persistent alerts and high-priority settings, which can help ensure your messages are acknowledged in a timely manner. 

  4. Ease of Use with BYOD Capabilities
    New technology can be a great addition to a team, but not when it’s difficult to use. Secure messaging apps like miSecureMessages allows for easy integration with your current systems, has a simple interface, and is flexible to adapt to your work environment. Bring your own device (BYOD) is another feature with miSecureMessages that allows users to use their personal devices with the app instead of having to learn a new device. 

With more and more people demanding their information to be kept safe, it’s clear that the use of a secure messaging app is vital in industries that deal with sensitive information. If you’re thinking about switching to a secure communication solution for your team or would like to learn more about the miSecureMessages app, reach out to our team