Tracking Services rendered using miSecureMessages

Accountability is now a key word in the Health Care industry. We need to be transparent and accountable for the work we do and don’t do. Keeping that in mind, it is imperative that we insure we can not only get work done, but track how it is done, by whom and for whom. Capital Health had moved to a case costing accounting formula. How much does a specific service, procedure or department cost?

Prior to the installation of miSecureMessages at Capital Health, the only way to track the work done by Porter Services, was by an archaic Access system where information was entered manually and in any format the dispatcher chose. Reporting was manual, immensely time consuming and not done with any regularity. There was just no easy way to assign a value of service provided to a department by Porter Services.

miSecureMessages is SQL based and, combined with a standard drop-down input method; tracking and reporting is a breeze. Assigning a value to the work done by the Porter Services department for another department becomes a SQL query, setup once and instant on demand.

For more on case costing, please refer to the Capital Health website.

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Betty Bouchie Oxner has recently retired as Senior Systems Analyst from the Voice Services and Information Technology Department at Capital Health.

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