miSecureMessages logo transition to Amtelco Secure Messages

Upcoming Changes with miSecureMessages

Amtelco plays a pivotal role within various industries, such as contact centers and healthcare. With its vast array of offerings, Amtelco has decided to unify all of its amazing divisions and products under the name Amtelco. Initially, there were two reasons for the Amtelco rebrand: brand alignment and market differentiation. Consolidating the healthcare and contact center divisions, miSecureMessages will be rebranded as Amtelco Secure Messages to differentiate our products from our competitors and to bring them greater recognition as Amtelco products. The expected changes will happen towards the end of summer 2024.


Transition Process (App name change and logo)

Transitioning from the familiar to the new can sometimes be daunting, but rest assured, the transition process is designed to be seamless. A webinar has been conducted and the recording is available on TechHelper, along with PowerPoint on the miSecureMessages home page. Keeping our client's critical messaging in mind, clients are able to continue using the secure messaging application. None of the URLs for the Admin Web or Contact Web will change. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Communication: Clear and concise communication will be provided every step of the way. You can expect a webinar, email notices, and dedicated support channels to assist you throughout the transition.
  2. Training and Support: Resources will be available to ensure users can navigate the new platform effectively (in TechHelper). There will be updated guides within the Android and Apple app for users along with access to the Contact Web User Guide from the Contact Web.


Upcoming Key Features and Enhancements

A name change often accompanies improvements or new features. Here are some enhancements you can expect:

  1. Role-Based Messaging*: Enhancing the client messaging experience is a high priority. The platform now offers the ability to send messages to and from roles and for role-based messages to carry over from one person’s shift to the next. *Role-based messaging will require 7.0 version, and IS 5.7 with additional software integration.
  2. Better Integration: Role-Based Messaging is directly integrated in Amtelco’s Intelligent Series (IS) OnCall Scheduling so that role-assignments follow your on-call schedule and contact center agents can send secure messages to roles right from IS.
  3. Enhanced Reporting: Logging of device deletions and registering and unregistering of shared devices have been added to the Administration Web’s Audit Report.
  4. Additional Permissions: The Administration Web has additional permission settings that control the ability to copy and paste phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and web addresses and the ability to dial from the Amtelco Secure Messages app, the Amtelco Secure Messages app requires the optional Protected Dialing feature. It is not included as part of the base package.


Embracing The Future

While change may bring its fair share of adjustment, it also brings forth new opportunities and possibilities. Embracing the rebranded miSecureMessages is not just about adapting to change but also about embracing the future of secure communication.

With enhanced features, streamlined user experience, and a commitment to security, the Amtelco Secure Messages platform is poised to revolutionize communication in an increasingly digital world. So, let’s embark on this journey together and pave the way for a safer, more connected tomorrow.