An on-call doctor checks her messages using miSecureMessages and miTeamWeb.

Using miSecureMessages with miTeamWeb for Mobile Hospital Staff

The pandemic has highlighted the important role telehealth plays to minimize the spread of germs. The use of communication technology in hospitals and clinics has given healthcare workers more mobility. A nurse or doctor can coordinate care when they are physically away from their patients.

Care Team Collaboration

Care teams can coordinate their plan of care quickly and accurately with the right technology that offers interoperability between disparate systems. When web-based communication tech is part of an organization’s communication protocol, hospital staff from different departments, or even different locations, can access the information they need at any time from virtually any place.

Mobile-friendly applications, such as miTeamWeb, can be used via a PC, smartphone, or tablet and makes it possible for medical staff to remotely access on-call schedules, directories, messages, and reports. miTeamWeb lets users send messages via:
• miSecureMessages (secure mobile app)
• E-mail
• Pager (WCTP, SNPP, TAP)
• Vocera
• Cisco wireless phones
• Fax

Remote Operators

Hospital call center operators are the hub of a healthcare organization’s communications and are oftentimes a crucial part of care team communication. Remote operators can effectively turn their home office into a professional call center operator station. All of the tools they would use in a call center such as telephone scripts, on-call schedules, historical call data, and more are available either through the Internet or through a healthcare organization’s internal networks.

Mobile Web App

Using a secure messaging app streamlines care team communication while staff are on-the-go or working from another location. miSecureMessages is HIPAA and HITECH-compliant app used by medical personnel to easily send and receive texts, voice messages, photos, and audio files containing patient health information (PHI). Messages are sent quickly and securely via any smart device or web-enabled computer.

miSecureMessages can even use integration engine software to seamlessly integrate with other software used in healthcare facilities, to communicate notifications and alarms from nurse call and smart bed systems, directly to medical staff.

Remote operators who use 1Call’s call center software, can securely send and receive messages from their desktops using miSecureMessages. They also have access to detailed reports that can be used to ensure messages were sent and a received.

Web-based communication makes it possible for a hospital to employ remote staff. Applications ensure fast, secure, communications, adds efficiencies, and improves care team communication. Read about the experience one of our customer’s had when setting up remote operators for their hospital call center. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about web-based application solutions for your organization.