What’s New with miSecureMessages?

The answer is: PLENTY! Since first being introduced in early 2011, miSecureMessages has seen a lot of impressive changes.

Here are the update highlights in just the past two years:

  • Multiple Devices (April 2014) – Receive messages simultaneously on more than one device (including both Android and Apple devices). Notifications and messages are synchronized on all devices.
  • Multiple License Keys (April 2014) – Need one license to use with your organization, and another one to use with your after-hours answering service? Just add the multiple license keys on your smart device, and you’re all set.
  • Apple® iOS 7 Update (January 2014) – Included impressive user interface enhancements, and a new miSecureMessages icon to match the iOS 7 look.
  • Android™ Update (September 2013) – Introduced complex passcodes and faster search options.
  •  Apple Update (July 2013) – Added complex passcodes, new sound options, and the ability to delete multiple message threads.
  • Contact Circles Update (September 2012) – Simplified the process of sending messages to multiple people simultaneously by setting up Contact Circles, which organized contacts into categories, such as departments, physician groups, and more. Other enhancements included custom alerts, and changing the length of time between notification alerts.    
  • Security – Since keeping your messages protected is so important, we are happy to tell you that virtually every new release has added some type of security enhancements!

And we’re not done yet…rest assured that many new features are already being worked on!

We’ll keep you posted!

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