A woman uses the miSecureMessages app on her mobile.

What is the miSecureMessages app?

miSecureMessages brings secure messaging and paging services to mobile devices. The app uses an encrypted web service to send secure messages to Android and Apple iOS based devices and can be tailored to meet each site’s secure messaging and paging needs. 

Recipients are notified of incoming messages via customizable audio and visual alerts and can select from a list of pre-defined reply messages or can enter a custom reply. Both the received message and reply are secure because the app uses end-to-end encryption. The app keeps track of messaging activity with detailed delivery and read receipts for every message so users can be sure their text was received and read.

How Does miSecureMessages Work?

A message is initiated by a mobile device user using the miSecureMessages mobile device app, an enterprise user using the Contact Web user interface, or a console operator using the optional Intelligent Soft Agent, Web Agent, or Infinity Telephone Agent application. Messages sent from mobile devices are processed by the app’s Web Service running on a web server. 

Messages sent from the Infinity and Intelligent Series platforms are processed by the miSecureMessages Service running on that system’s applications server and are passed to the app’s Notification Service on the webserver.

When a message is sent, the miSecureMessages Notification Service sends a notification through the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging service or Apple Push Notification Service to the appropriate mobile device. When the message notification arrives on the mobile device, an informative alert is popped, an optional audio alert is generated, and a delivery receipt is sent back to the app’s Web Service.

When a notification is received, the recipient must acknowledge the notification and can then summon the message from the webserver with the mobile device app using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Opening and viewing the message results in a read receipt being returned from the user device to the app’s Web Service. After reading the message, the recipient can deliver an SSL-encrypted reply through the web service and can mark the message “Completed.” Replies are processed by the miSecureMessages Web Service.

Who Uses miSecureMessages?

The app is used by businesses in many different industries including government, healthcare, finance, legal, education, and more. miSecureMessages is available as an on-site solution, as a partnership with a telephone answering service, and as a cloud-based subscription service. 

miSecureMessages can be initiated by enterprise staff via a web interface, as a mobile device app, and optionally by call center operators using Amtelco/1Call call center software. Since the app was developed by Amtelco, it seamlessly integrates with Amtelco’s call center solutions to provide scripted messaging, integrated directory and on-call scheduling, Intelligent Online Directories, and Intelligent Operator Services. 

Why Choose miSecureMessages Over SMS and Other Apps?

miSecureMessages does not have the character limits of SMS text messaging, and is a HIPAA-compliant, secure method for transmitting texts, images, video, audio files, and other materials as message attachments. 

One of the things that set miSecureMessages apart from other secure messaging apps is customer service. The same in-house customer support team that serves Amtelco and 1Call customers, is also available 24/7/365 to help customers of miSecureMessages. The employees of the department have an average tenure of 16 years with the company.

Companies who use miSecureMessages need a reliable way to communicate securely, from a company they can trust to be there for support. The miSecureMessages app is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and will be releasing version 6.8 soon.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the app and try miSecureMessages for free for 30 days on up to 10 devices.