Is Your HIPAA Compliant Messaging App User-Friendly?

Is it easy to use?

miSecureMessages Apps are available for Android devices and Apple devices. To send a message, quickly select one or more recipients - or even an entire group - type the message, and send! Choose an alert sound, set alert intervals, and more, making the App work exactly as needed.

Does It Keep You Connected?

miSecureMessages works on both WiFi and 3G/4G networks, ensuring coverage. Messages can be marked as High Priority, promoting even faster response times.

Is It Fast?

miSecureMessages sends large amounts of information quickly, helping faster response to provide better service for your clients. Each message has its own message thread, giving fast access to the complete conversation for easy tracking of what happened.

Is It Persistent?

Don’t worry about missing important messages; miSecureMessages uses persistent alerts until you acknowledge the message. If your clients use miSecureMessages on more than one device, the messages are synchronized on all of their devices.

Does It Integrate with Your Oncall Scheduling Software?

miSecureMessages integrates with AMTELCO’s OnCall Scheduling solution, allowing you to quickly and securely contact the on-call staff. The On-Call Schedules are automatically updated, and allow you to select the current OnCall personnel to send a message. On-Call staff can check their schedules on the go, so they always know when they are on call.

Request a free trial today at miSecureMessages free trial.

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