Simplify Workflow

Seamless Collaboration

Communication between departments is now simple, with more understanding of other roles and responsibilities. Collaborate with ease using one platform that unites every department.

  • Message one person, multiple people, or an entire group
  • Create fast updates using the native Android and iOS apps
  • Quiet communication-less overhead paging
View different message statuses and access the desktop view of dashboard reports!

* Some features highlighted may require additional software.

Transparent Work Progress

miSecureMessages allows you to track message progress with time stamps and do more than what pagers can do!

* Some features highlighted may require additional software.

Have Control Over Tracking and Handling Messages.

  • Message forwarding to other contacts
  • Ability to mark tasks as complete or done
  • Complete audit trails

HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging to Replace the Pager

Care teams can reduce the number of devices they carry while still being HIPAA compliant with the miSecureMessages app installed on their smartphone or tablet. Fewer devices means lower overhead, and increased security. Messages can be full text, with attachments and links, going way beyond the capabilities of a pager system.