HIPAA Compliant Call Centers Count on miSecureMessages

On-Premise or Cloud Call Center - Flexible Platform Built For Your Needs

miSecureMessages keeps track of all message activity, including a message log complete with message histories, indicating who messages were sent to, when messages were read, who replied to a message, and an audit log of Admin Web. Your call center agents will have confidence in knowing the message was delivered and read with miSecureMessages.

Seamless On-Call Integration

miSecureMessages integrates with the Amtelco Scheduling solution, allowing you to quickly and securely contact on-call staff. On-Call schedules are automatically updated, and allow you to select the current on-call personnel and send a message. On-call staff can check their schedules on the go, so they always know when they are on-call.

Call Center Software

Whether your call center software and message storage system needs to be on-premise, or you have a cloud call center configuration, miSecureMessages can securely transmit, receive, and store your messages, while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Web-Based Admin Interface - Reporting and Account Setup is a Snap

Web portal allows you to easily run message reports and setup or deactivate users. Or, give your client admin access and delegate those tasks, reducing your labor costs!

Holding Clients Accountable

Track the progress of messages, increase operator efficiency, improve security and reduce errors with secure messaging. Ensure your HIPAA compliant call center stays that way with miSecureMessages!


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