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What Is miSecureMessages?

miSecureMessages is part of the Amtelco and 1Call family of communications tools, providing healthcare organizations, call centers, and enterprise environments with a secure, reliable messaging solution customized to meet their precise needs.

The Amtelco family shares a common corporate mission:

Create faster human connection through communication solutions to improve lives.

These are the guiding values of Amtelco and miSecureMessages:

  • Prioritizing all members of the Amtelco family (customers and employees), providing five-star service.
  • Creating reliable products that empower others to communicate quickly and securely.
  • Growing and improving thoughtfully, evaluating what elements meet long-term needs.
  • Treating members of the Amtelco family with consideration and transparency.
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation, considering and fostering new ideas that come from all members of the Amtelco family.

miSecureMessages is a powerful encrypted messaging application designed as a pager replacement for healthcare organizations, call center, and enterprise environments. Built for iPhone®, iPad™ Apple Watch™ and Android™ mobile devices, miSecureMessages replaces outdated paging technology and enables users to send and receive secure encrypted messages from anywhere they have mobile data or Wi-Fi coverage. We welcome the opportunity to become your HIPAA compliant texting vendor - connect with us today! Amtelco has been a leading provider of enhanced communication innovations for over 40 years. Amtelco’s primary focus is to design applications that offer cutting-edge technology, which reduces labor costs, eliminates errors, and increases efficiency. Amtelco’s 1Call Division is a leader in developing healthcare-specific applications that are being used by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.