BYOD Security

BYOD or Company-Provided Devices

Organizations often need their employees to utilize mobile devices for work purposes. Mobile devices used for work may contain sensitive data that needs to be protected against being lost or stolen. Creating a policy for controlling the security of these devices is necessary. Companies may choose to issue company-owned mobile devices to be used specifically for work. Alternatively, they may allow employees to use their own personal devices which is called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Some organizations adopt a mixture of these approaches, which can still lead to BYOD security issues. miSecureMessages works with any device policy to minimize BYOD risks.

Deactivate the account by deleting the device, and a confirmation will appear for the decision.

* Some features highlighted may require additional software.

No Remote-Wipe Needed

miSecureMessages does not store any messaging data on the device, making it the perfect solution for BYOD security. If someone loses their BYOD or company-provided device, or if the employee leaves the organization, it is easy to deactivate miSecureMessages remotely without wiping the device.

App Passcode for Ultimate Security

Administrators can choose to enforce user credentials and a passcode or biometric security (fingerprint scan) on the miSecureMessages app with complexity settings, ensuring that if passcode or biometric security is not used to unlock the device, one will be required each time the app is accessed. Minimize BYOD risks, even on unsecured devices.