Secure Medical Communications for Care Teams

miSecureMessages simplifies medical communications to ensure fast, reliable, encrypted communications to help care teams provide better patient care.

Save Critical Time

miSecureMessages makes secure texting in healthcare fast and easy! Care teams, doctors, clinicians, nurses, and medical staff can communicate quickly and efficiently. Messages are instantly sent and received for fast response times. Quickly send messages to the correct on-call personnel using the On-Call Scheduling integration. Features such as Persistent Alerts and High Priority settings help ensure your messages are acknowledged in a timely manner. With Quick Responses, send a complete, pre-populated reply with just a couple taps, allowing you to acknowledge receipt of the message, and even provide simple instructions while on the move.

Improve Your Workflows

Enhance medical communications with miSecureMessages. You’ll find opportunities throughout your organization for enhancing the process of patient admissions, sending lab results, transporting patients, and more. Nurse communication and overall care team communications can be streamlined and more robust. Receive automated notifications from HL7, Nurse Call, alarms, and other systems. Safely share protected health information (PHI) with members of your care team, reducing the need for physical document sharing. Keeping shared files digital reduces the risk of misplaced patient records and wasted time.

Designed for Healthcare Professionals

miSecureMessages is a HIPAA and HITECH compliant messaging app, allowing you to securely send and receive PHI. Quickly share important patient information with one colleague or the entire care team with just a couple of taps.

miSecureMessages works on WiFi and mobile data connections, ensuring that you’re connected no matter where you are, inside the hospital or inside the ambulance!

Reduce the number of devices you need to carry with miSecureMessages thanks to BYOD security built into the app. The app is securely siloed from other messaging platforms like email and SMS, so one device can be used for secure and non-secure messaging. Fewer devices means fewer devices to lose and break. And, fewer devices cost your organization less too.

miSecureMessages apps are available for Android™ and Apple® iOS devices, as well as a secure web application to communicate with office staff. Use whichever platform you prefer.  No need to learn a new operating system!


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