Maintaining patient, client, and consumer privacy is more important than ever before. miSecureMessages is an encrypted messaging platform with security, privacy, and reliability at its core. With an easy-to-use, familiar style message app interface, straightforward setup, military-grade encryption, and US-based, 5-star customer support team, miSecureMessages is SIMPLE. STREAMLINED. SECURE.


An intuitive interface means less time digging through complicated menus. Quickly respond using text, voice, or customized quick phrases. Send secure messages to a whole group or just one individual. Know at a glance which contacts are online, offline, or DND.


Setup with just an email. Easily attached photos, videos, or voice recordings. Also, miSecureMessages replaces bulky pagers and the need for a separate dedicated work phone. Increase your messaging coverage by connecting to mobile networks or WiFi, phones, tablets, and the Apple iWatch. Messages automatically sync across devices. Read receipt reports clearly show the complete message path.


HIPAA compliant message app, so PHI is safe to share across the entire care team in the healthcare organization. All messages are kept off the device for reporting and accountability. Deleted messages are automatically archived. Access can be remotely disabled, and apps are compatible with device security measures, including biometrics.

Secure communications for healthcare, call centers, and enterprise. Simplify, Streamline, and Secure your messaging.

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