Quality Care

Enhance Relationships with Peers, Clinicians, Clients, and Patients.

  • Creating more focus time on clients or patients
  • Delivering care in a timely manner
  • Prioritizing the right tasks
  • Optimizing speed and accuracy performance

Add colleagues to groups, and the quick reply feature is available on watches too!

Always in Touch.

Contacts will organize in groups or departments for fast access.

  • Instantly view if contacts are on or off (unable to respond)
  • Search for the contacts you need
  • Use curated auto respond (available on apple watch)
View your contacts from different departments and save your favorites to a circle!

miSecureMessages is an integral part of a complete secure messaging system from Amtelco. Streamline and simplify your communications by choosing the integrations that meet the specific needs of your team.


Instantly find the staff and departments you need by name, department, or photo, and send a secure message

On-Call Scheduling

Instantly see who’s currently on-call, their status, and send secure messages directly to them

Operator Services

Save time for operators when they send secure messages to staff, with complete tracking for later review and reporting

Event-Driven Notifications

Automatically trigger secure messages at the right time, to the right people, with built-in escalation

Urgent Notifications

Designed for both large and small groups to quickly and easily send secure messages to the designated team

Guided Scripting

Use message scripts that follow each recipient’s message protocol, so they always get the details they need