The miSecureMessages Desktop Contact Web is designed for access to secure messaging and paging services from a web browser.  The Desktop Contact Web is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with username, password, and license key authentication. Users can send, receive, and respond to other miSecureMessages users.

The Desktop Contact Web Login screen is used to log into the miSecureMessages web service to begin sending and receiving secure messages. The user is required to enter a valid license key, user name and password to log into the Desktop Contact Web.

More information about using the miSecureMessages Desktop Contact Web is provided in the miSecureMessages Desktop Contact Web User Guide.

miSecureMessages features:

  • Message attachments
  • Group messaging
  • HIPAA compliant messaging
  • HITECH certified
  • Customizable and persistent notifications
  • Secure PHI (protected health information)
  • Secure ePHI (Electronic protected health information)

Please note that you need a connection to the cloud-based or on-site miSecureMessages service to activate your miSecureMessages account. 


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