Encrypted Text Messaging

End-to-End Message Encryption

miSecureMessages eliminates outside access to your information. By utilizing end-to-end message encryption, miSecureMessages ensures that messages in transit are secure and protected.

Secure Encrypted Messages

miSecureMessages quickly retrieves encrypted messages each time you access the App, but nothing is stored on your device. This helps ensure your messages are always secure.

Passcode Security

While it is optional, using a passcode to access the App helps ensure your information remains private. You can also choose the length of your passcode for added security.

Fingerprint Scanning

If your smart device has scanning capabilities, you can use your fingerprint as an alternative to the standard passcode to securely access the App.

Remote Disabling With Built-In miSecureMessages Security

Lost track of your device? Don’t worry. With miSecureMessages, you have built-in security because the App can be remotely disabled without a full device wipe, so the device can no longer access miSecureMessages information. Found your device? Reactivate, and no messages are lost!


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