Secure Enterprise Text Messaging Tool

The intuitive design of miSecureMessages ensures fast, reliable communications with end-to-end encryption for all of your most sensitive corporate messaging.

Easy to use

miSecureMessages apps are built with a native design and are available for Android™ and Apple® iOS devices, as well as a secure web application to communicate with your office staff. The app can easily integrate into your current answering service platform, or as a stand-alone corporate messaging app.

Fast Communications

miSecureMessages makes it easy for you and your colleagues to communicate quickly and efficiently with a single person and also with groups. Messages are instantly sent and received for fast response times. Quickly send messages to the correct on-call personnel using the On-Call Scheduling integration.

Reduce Response Times, Save Money

Features such as Persistent Alerts and High Priority settings help ensure your messages are acknowledged in a timely manner. Quick Responses make it easy to acknowledge messages and provide feedback to your corporate team.

Reliable Messaging

Timestamps show you when your messages have been delivered, read, and completed.  Administrators or managers have access to full reporting for every message sent through miSecureMessages, ensuring accountability for all of your corporate messaging.


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