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The miSecureMessages app is part of the Amtelco and 1Call family of communications tools that provides healthcare organizations, call centers, and businesses with a secure, reliable messaging solution that can be customized to meet your needs.

miSecureMessages can be used with iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch® and Android® mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. Users can send and receive secure encrypted text messages, photos, videos, and audio files.

We also have a miSecureMessages Certified Partner program that enables call centers and telephone answering services to resell miSecureMessages to their customer base.

For anyone using call centers for receptionist and messaging services to save time, increase efficiency and improve security.

Outdated, non-secure communications platforms are dangerous and inefficient. miSecureMessages keeps your care teams, doctors, nurses, IT department, and executives connected with our all-in-one secure messaging app.

Secure communication platform keeps your confidential messages away from prying eyes. Persistent notifications and alerts ensure your team sees and acknowledges critical messages.

Why miSecureMessages

Communicate securely with miSecureMessages.
Maintaining patient, client, and consumer privacy is more important than ever before. miSecureMessages is an encrypted messaging platform with security, privacy, and reliability at its core. With an easy-to-use app interface, a US-based customer support team, and military grade encryption, miSecureMessages is SIMPLE. STREAMLINED. SECURE.

It's Secure

Unlike SMS, miSecureMessages encrypts messages, keeping your protected health information (PHI) secure. Messages are not stored on your devices, passcodes or fingerprint scans can be required, and access can be remotely disabled, making miSecureMessages HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

It Saves Money

Consolidate devices with miSecureMessages. Using the miSecureMessages app on your smart devices, you can send an unlimited number of characters per message, and send an unlimited number of messages.

It's Easy to use

miSecureMessages gives you advanced communications with an easy-to-use app for your smartphones and tablets. Instantly send messages with miSecureMessages, with customizable settings, letting you choose how - and when - to be notified.

It's From a Trusted Resource

By constantly providing innovative solutions, Amtelco has been a trusted leader in the telecommunications industry for over 40 years. Having received over 25 patents, you can rely on Amtelco to provide you with the tools you need to interact efficiently and securely.

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