Away message update feature on miSecureMessages for clinical communication

Tackling Alarm Fatigue: miSecureMessages dominates healthcare messaging with advanced features and reliable security.

Communication is the cornerstone of crucial patient safety and care. Whether conveying critical information, coordinating tasks among healthcare professionals, or alerting staff to code calls, swift and reliable communication is non-negotiable. However, amidst the constant stream of alerts, notifications, and messages, a phenomenon known as "alarm fatigue" poses a significant challenge. The challenge will impact healthcare providers' performance, and alarm fatigue will also affect patient safety.

Understanding Alarm Fatigue:

Alarm fatigue occurs when healthcare professionals become desensitized or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of alarms and notifications inundating their work environment. The incessant alarm of medical devices, constant pings from communication systems, and a barrage of alerts can lead to dangerous complacency where genuine alarms might be missed or ignored. According to an article by Chen Shaoru et al., "Determinants of Medical Equipment Alarm Fatigue in Practicing Nurses: A Systematic Review" alarm fatigue can be dangerous and incredibly damaging to patients' well-being and safety. Nurses are crucial in keeping patients safe, "Approximately 90% of nurses felt that inoperable alarms were frequent, disrupting patient care, and that trust in alarms was reduced, prompting nurses to sometimes disable the alarms" (Shaoru et al., p.7). When healthcare invests in a secure messaging solution, operations remain seamless, and PHIs are protected. Investing in a secure messaging solution will allow healthcare providers to discern between regular and high-priority messages. miSecureMessages has alarm notification settings that can differentiate the high-priority messages from the regular ones with different notification sounds, an incredibly reliable feature that can alleviate alarm fatigue.

Alarm fatigue can have dire consequences. Missed alarms can delay critical interventions, compromise patient safety, and even result in adverse outcomes. Healthcare institutions have sought clinical solutions that streamline communication without sacrificing reliability and reduce alarm fatigue.

Enter miSecureMessages:

In clinical messaging solutions, miSecureMessages emerges as a beacon of reliability and efficiency. Intentionally created with healthcare professionals in mind, it addresses the challenges posed by alarm fatigue with a suite of features tailored to the unique needs of healthcare environments, making sure the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

Key Features:

  1. Secure Messaging: A secure messaging solution can alleviate the anxiety of data breaches and track task progress. By investing in miSecureMessages, your employees no longer need to carry a dedicated work device such as a pager, thanks to our Bring Your Own Device security (BYOD) measures.
  2. Customizable Alerts: miSecureMessages recognizes that not all messages are created equal. Amtelco created a feature to reduce alarm fatigue that helps discern between regular and high-priority messages. Therefore, it allows users to customize alert settings within the app's notifications center based on urgency and relevance. By prioritizing messages and filtering out non-urgent notifications, healthcare professionals can focus their attention where it matters most: quality patient care leads to patient safety, relieving healthcare providers of alarm fatigue and burnout.
  3. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrating with existing hospital systems, miSecureMessages facilitates smooth clinical communication workflows without adding complexity. Whether it's accessing patient records, consulting with colleagues, on-call schedules, or coordinating care teams, miSecureMessages consolidates disparate communication channels into a unified platform, reducing the information overload on healthcare professionals.
  4. Escalation Protocols: In situations where timely responses are critical, miSecureMessages offers robust escalation protocols to ensure that messages are not overlooked. By automatically escalating unattended alerts to designated backup personnel or supervisors, miSecureMessages provides an additional layer of safety, safeguarding against missed alarms and mitigating the potential consequences.
  5. Comprehensive Audit Trails: Accountability is crucial in healthcare settings, and miSecureMessages delivers with extensive audit trails that track message delivery, read receipts, deleted messages, and responses. By maintaining a detailed record of communication activities, miSecureMessages enables healthcare institutions to uphold regulatory compliance and quality standards while fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.


In the fight against alarm fatigue, miSecureMessages stands out as a beacon of reliability, offering healthcare professionals a secure, fast, efficient, and customizable platform for clinical communication. By prioritizing patient safety and streamlining communication workflows, miSecureMessages empowers healthcare institutions to deliver the highest standard of care while mitigating the risks associated with alarm fatigue. In an era where every second counts, miSecureMessages ensures that critical messages are delivered promptly and acted upon swiftly, ultimately saving lives and improving outcomes.