A nurse replies to a text about a patient.

Save Time With Personal Quick Phrases

Hospital staff face a barrage of messages each day. Responding to messages needs to be done quickly and efficiently to enhance patient care and avoid delays. Replying to messages takes time, but there is a way for miSecureMessages app users to streamline the process by adding their own
personal Quick Phrases. 

Like the system Quick Phrases provided by miSecureMessages administrators, personal Quick Phrases can be used to quickly initiate or reply to a secure message within the miSecureMessages application. This avoids having to take the time to type out the entire reply to routine messages, or messages that are frequently received.

The setting to allow users to use personal Quick Phrases in found under the Permissions tab in the Groups section of the miSecureMessages Administration Web application. Administrators can grant permission to allow personal Quick Phrases in the Android, Apple, and Contact Web applications.

Administrators can contact us or their miSecureMessages provider for detailed information or assistance to enable personal Quick Phrases.