A woman registers her device with the miSecureMessages app.

Simplify Device Registration with miSecureMessages via Email Registration

Starting as a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app, miSecureMessages has evolved into a unified communications application. miSecureMessages has the ability to integrate with contact center and answering service software to replace pagers and improve on-call response time, clinical applications to automate critical alerts, and other software already used by a healthcare organization. 

As more users from different hospital departments began to use miSecureMessages, we wanted to simplify the registration process for end-users. Email registration was developed as an easy way to register a miSecureMessages user via e-mail. Using this method, only users who receive an e-mail invitation from the administrator are able to register the app. The email registration process does not require users to know or input a license key and skips other steps that usually are necessary to register the app. 

The e-mail message an invited contact receives contains a hyperlink to easily register for miSecureMessages. A multiple-device registration setting can be used by the Administrator if the user needs to add miSecureMessages to more than one device.

After the user downloads the app, they can return to the link in their email to log into miSecureMessages and create their account. This process walks the user through setup where they can allow miSecureMessages to send them notifications and critical alerts, choose media storage options and set their password.

A unique passcode can be set in addition to the password. Users can also use facial recognition or a fingerprint scan to be required to open the miSecureMessages app.

Step-by-step tutorial videos of this process are available for users for both Apple and Android devices. Administrators can contact us or their miSecureMessages provider for detailed tech information or assistance to enable email registration.