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MSM Featured Reseller: Answer Kansas City


Answer Kansas City

Answer Kansas City is a family-owned answering service that was started in 1976. Kent and Lisa Slavens have been the sole owners since 2003. They have a diverse client base that includes medical services, property management, and government services. In addition to telephone answering, Answer Kansas City offers a variety of services such as order taking, lead capture, remote receptionists, and text and email answering. With over 60 agents on staff, they are dedicated to providing a high level of quality customer service.

When Answer Kansas City decided they needed a better text messaging solution to adhere to HIPAA policies, they reviewed the miSecureMessages secure messaging app along with a few other options. miSecureMessages offered the encrypted HIPAA-compliant messaging solution they were seeking. Based on their experience as an Amtelco customer for over 31 years, deciding to move forward with miSecureMessages was an easy decision to make.

Answer Kansas City started using miSecureMessages in 2018. When deciding to transition to miSecureMessages, the only challenge they faced was some pushback from a couple of clients who didn’t want to use it. Lisa responded by emphasizing the importance of adhering to HIPAA guidelines and being prepared for audits. miSecureMessages offers reassurance and accountability with timestamps and message activity tracking. An audit log and a message log, complete with message histories, is also included.

In just over 2 years Answer Kansas City is utilizing just under 600 miSecureMessages licenses. They have found miSecureMessages to be easy to use and reliable. The total integration with Amtelco’s system has been a huge benefit. Lisa Slavens stated, “There have been very few hiccups with users. When there are, 99.9% of the time it's due to user error or no internet connection.”

miSecureMessages has been a good revenue generator for Answer Kansas City. miSecureMessages has given them the opportunity to offer a better and reliable product for less money. It’s very intuitive, reliable, and easy to use for both administrators and the end users. Lisa indicated that they have not experienced any downtime and have not encountered any issues they couldn’t resolve on their own. The seamless integrations, ability to send attachments, reporting, and the user-friendly admin portal are all features that have been helpful and efficient in their operations.

When asked for any words of advice for those considering miSecureMessages, Lisa Slavens stated, “Don’t wait – just do it. It’s super easy from an administrative standpoint as well as end users.” Lisa’s timesaver tip: put together an email template with the miSecureMessages user guides attached to make it quick and easy to send to new users.