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Park Ridge Answering Service is a family run business that has been operating since 1970. They have maintained a hands-on philosophy to providing a high level of service to their customers. The business started with a 24-line telephone system, which later was upgraded to PBX cordboards handling up to 100 telephone numbers. Today they utilize Amtelco's Infinity call management system. Over time, they have gained a unique amount of experience servicing a large variety of customers.

Park Ridge Answering Service has been utilizing miSecureMessages encrypted texting since 2013. Prior to utilizing the app, some of their healthcare customers preferred to be contacted via phone calls and others would not give up using their alphanumeric pagers. They were dealing with complaints from customers who didn’t receive their page. When the miSecureMessages app came out, it was a great solution for this problem.

They have found that miSecureMessages is more productive and is a great texting solution for HIPAA compliance. The message history has resolved the complaints they used to get. Their hospital customers have also pushed for the app as it has been a cost savings for them to utilize it. With over 500 licenses, they now have about 99% of their customers currently utilizing the miSecureMessages app.

When asked why he would recommend miSecureMessages, Bob Castle, Owner, stated, “It works well. I wouldn’t use anything else. The integration is nice, it is less work, simple to set up, and user-friendly.” miSecureMessages has provided another source of revenue for the business and a productive solution for communications.